Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

Visa Summary Features

This visa allows skilled workers to live and work in specified regional areas in Australia for up to four years.

For the Invited Pathway - Submit an Expression of Interest.

For the Extended Stay Pathway - Apply for a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Renewal (subclass 489) visa.

For family members of someone who already holds a subclass 489, 475, 487, 495 or 496 - Apply for a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subsequent Entrant (subclass 489) visa.

Visa Summary Requirements

Invited Pathway

You might be eligible to apply for this visa if invited. When we sent your letter of invitation, you must also have:

  • been nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area

  • nominated an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupations list

  • a suitable skills assessment for that occupation

  • not yet turned 50 years of age

  • achieved the score specified in your letter of invitation based on the factors in the points test

  • at least competent English

Extended Stay Pathway

You can also apply for this visa if you hold a provisional visa in subclass 496, 495, 487 or 475.

You are a member of the family unit of someone who holds this visa (subclass 489) or a provisional visa in subclass 475, 487, 495 or 496.

You and members of your family unit must also meet Australia's health and character requirements.

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